When I was first introduced to dates I was skeptical. To be honest, I didn’t even know what a date was. They remind me of prunes in that aspect, I’ve always heard of them but I’ve never actually tried one, or wanted to try one for that matter.


I remember my friend, who was super into healthy food, convinced me to try a date-based food. She kept telling me how good they were for you and how good they tasted. I’m not one for saying no, especially when it comes to trying new food (you never know what you’ll like!), so I gave it a shot. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting and I actually enjoyed it.


I knew I needed to start incorporating healthier snacks into my daily routine because what I was currently putting in my body was not good for me, no matter what way I tried to spin it.


If you’re anything like me, snacking is inevitable for you because it’s so tempting and delicious. Waiting between meals to eat is not something I’m about, or ever will be. And since I’m being honest, not snacking for me was almost worse for me than snacking. When I don’t snack I feel like I’m restricting myself and it makes me incredibly cranky and super unenjoyable to be around. I wish I was joking when I say my friends try to avoid me at all costs when I don’t snack or am on one of my “health kicks” but I’m not and I can’t say I blame them!


I knew I needed a balanced diet that still allowed me to get that sweetness I craved without indulging in a pint of ice cream every day. After reading everything on the internet, I always found one constant no matter where I looked: dates.  


Why? Because it turns out dates are freaking awesome and they’re awesome for you.


Put down the brownie and grab a date-based snack. Seriously. Put down the brownie.


Dates are a delicious fruit with lots of health benefits, including a long list of vitamins, protein, fiber, potassium, iron, and more. I’ve even heard that eating 1-3 dates per day is key to a healthy and balanced diet. And they help you grow and maintain muscles, so fellas if you’re still looking to make those gains to impress the ladies it’s time to add some dates in your life (pun intended).


Dates are high in natural sugar, which no, is not a bad thing. Natural sugar is good for you and gives you the energy boost you need when you start feeling lethargic in the afternoon in the office or right before a workout. They are the perfect pick-me-up when you’re starting to feel sluggish and are trying to avoid that 3rd cup of coffee (you’ll feel much better without the jitters).  


Dates are a great, natural replacement to the high-calorie, densely packed and processed protein bar that you’re currently buying with ingredients you can’t even read, or count on your hands.  


The fiber in dates also keeps your energy going, it doesn’t make you crash after a sugar high like other sweet treats. It is the one sweet treat that actually benefits you so why not enjoy it?!


Which leads me to Bam Bam Bites. I found Bam Bam Bites and not only are they date-based but they’ve become my new favorite snack to grab and take with me. The ingredients are all natural, you can pronounce them and they are the perfect extra energy boost I need in the middle of the day when I start to feel burnt out. Dates in Bam Bam Bites are what makes the delicious bite sized sacks have a caramel-like texture and a brownie taste. 90% of the bites actually comes from dates and it’s awesome because that means they taste great and are great for you! That’s a win-win scenario right there.  


The date also curves my sugar cravings when I start to want to grab an actual brownie or ice cream, which is HUGE for helping me staying on a healthy track with my goals because it’s not possible to cut something out long term, especially sweet treats.  You can’t sustain weight loss when you’re completely restricting yourself like so many people do and that’s also why so many people gain the weight back (and maybe more) when they just cut their favorite sweets.


You have to find a healthy, sustainable balance of healthy carbs, fats, protein and a proper source of sweetness to help sustain you and assist you to avoid a binge later on in the day, which is why dates are so effective in helping that urge. Staying on a healthy track is something that you have to stay consistent with, you can’t just cut sweets out for a period of time and expect that you’ll never eat them again. Balance is key and dates help that balance to lead a healthy lifestyle.