Why most
Of us fail when traveling.png

  According to my health app, last Saturday I walked 9.3 miles around Disneyland. The next day, 5.5 miles around Venice Beach. These step counts are out of the norm for me considering my 9-6 office job where the farthest I have to walk is to the printer to pick up my invoices or to the break room for another cup of coffee, so to see these, I was very proud.

  Between the endorphins of moving my body all day and imagining all the calories that screamed as they were burned up, I should have felt fantastic about these high step counts. Yet I still felt like crap because of what I was putting in my body (I think of those yummy Disney churros, greasy corn dogs, and a croissant that I can only describe as sweet buttery heaven). I felt sluggish, my stomach felt sloshy, my face was starting to break out, and the bloat – oh the bloat!

  My work trip to Disneyland (yes a work trip!) threw off my conscious eating habits I have been working so hard on. Now, I was eating quick coffee shop breakfasts running to training, overeating at catered lunches, snacking on chips through meetings, and indulging in desserts at dinner because “it’s a special occasion” or because “I’ve been working so hard and deserve this.” Whatever my justification for the indulgences and overeating, what I truly deserve and what my body will thank me for later is eating right – something I threw out the plane window this trip.

  A weekend away may be a big adversary to the health goals we set, but it doesn’t need to be. With a little preparation and conscious effort, we can stay on track. From packing a few bam-tastic snacks to doing a small grocery run for fruits and vegetables (some hotels will even do this for you!) and even using that under-equipped hotel gym for a little weight training will keep you moving forward with your goals.

  I could have swapped out my cinnamon raisin bagel from Starbs for a few bams and a handful of raspberries. I should have ignored the Cheeto Puffs in the conference room and pulled out a handful of nuts and an apple. Next time I’ll say no to the intensely rich dessert that I didn’t want to get in the first place and instead enjoy some tea and Peppermint Bam Bams cuddled up in the fresh hotel room sheets.

  I’m not going to pretend that eating isn’t one of the best parts of exploring a new city… new restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, I am so there. I was in the Los Angeles area for five days, meaning I ate out somewhere new every meal, but snacking on bags of chips, sugary Disney food, and whatever I could get my hands on was what hurt me the most. I bet I would have enjoyed some of my indulgences a bit more if I knew I hadn’t thrown all healthy eating out the door for the weekend.

Happy snacking friends–even on the road!

-Amber Wright