Perfect Palate

At Perfect Palate, we are dedicated to providing authentic, natural snack food products that represent a greater cause: restoring our relationships with real food. 

Our first product is “Bam Bam Bites,” which were created to give people the power to choose healthy snacks by making them irresistibly tasty. Often times, we associate healthy food with bland and boring taste. However, we strive to set a new standard of taste and quality in the health industry, so we can reach more than just the health nuts.

What we do

Let's be real.  We all wish there was a clean and pure snack that tasted like a brownie, all while fueling your body with nutrients and energy. We all wish that in times of hunger between meals, we had a delicious, craving-crusher snack that we could go to instead of the gritty snack bar sitting at the bottom of your bag that you cannot stand, but eat it anyways because it is "good for you." Wish no more; after years in the making, I have created Bam Bam Bites to serve this exact purpose. 

Our product is quite simple, yet a major problem-solver to a lot of cardboard-chalky textured bars and snacks because we use almond meal instead of protein powder. Bam Bam Bites are unique energy snacks that are in a re-sealable pouch, made from minimal ingredients, nutrient dense, and satisfying but have a brownie-like texture and crave-able taste. Our flavors are Cocoa Almond, Peppermint, and Espresso Bliss. There are 8 bites in a pouch, which 3 bites are nutritionally equivalent to a handful of almonds so they can sustain you throughout the day.

Why BAM BAM Bites?

Was there ever a name you were called that had a significant association to it?  As a child, my parents called me "Baby Bam Bam" because I was super strong!  So naturally, whenever I would hear the word "Bam" I would snap back into my childhood days of strength. As I grew older, I learned that I had developed Binge Eating Disorder; a lack of control where the subconscious mind takes over and memory and emotions are suppressed while gulping down food.

Bam Bam Bites are the result of my motivation to satisfy those urges.  They provide a healthy alternative to snacking that you can keep in your bag in case of a tempting situation, e.g. donuts at the office!  Not only are they friendly to the most common food allergies, they are clean, made with pure and simple, non-processed ingredients that taste divine.